Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Presentations - Call for Participation

We now invite proposals for presentations.

FOSDEM offers open source and free software developers a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Renowned for being highly developer-oriented, the event brings together some 8000+ geeks from all over the world.

The twenty-fourth edition will take place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th February 2024 at the usual location, ULB Campus Solbosch in Brussels.

Developer Rooms

For more details about the Developer Rooms, please refer to the Calls for Papers at

Main Tracks

Main track presentations cover topics of interest to a significant part of our audience that do not fit into any of the developer rooms, perhaps because of the topic or the large size of the anticipated audience. Presentations should be 50 minutes long including audience questions. Where necessary, FOSDEM covers reasonable travel expenses agreed in advance and arranges accommodation for accepted main track speakers.

Questions or remarks? Contact us at

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short talks on a wide variety of topics. Traditionally at FOSDEM these have been 15 minutes long but this year we also intend to accept some 5 minute talks. Anyone who has something interesting to say about a free software or open source project or topic can apply. We particularly encourage topics that do not fit into any of the other tracks. When submitting this year, please set the Duration field to either 5 minutes or 15 minutes. (If you request 15 minutes but would be willing to accept a 5 minute slot instead, mention this in the Submission Notes field.)

Questions or remarks? Contact us at


All proposals for presentations at the event should be submitted through pretalx: When making a proposal, please select the appropriate track.

If the topic fits into a Developer Room, then please refer to that room's call for papers, listed here. and select that room as the "track". Select Lightning Talks for the separate Lightning Talks track outside the developer rooms (but not for lightning talks inside devrooms).

Submissions will be reviewed as they are received on an ongoing basis. The default deadline this year is 8th December but some developer rooms have specified a slightly different date which could be a few days earlier or later so do check the Call for Papers for your track carefully!

The conference language is English. All content must relate to Free and Open Source Software. By participating in the event you agree to the publication of recordings, slides and other content provided under the same licence as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). You also accept the FOSDEM Code of Conduct.

All deadlines are at 23:59 UTC.