Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


OpenPrinting - We make printing just work!

Conference attendees to Till:

Printing works better than under Windows or Mac!

Michael Tunnell, TuxDigital, says in one of his videos:

There is no such thing like a pain-free experience of printing under Windows ... Linux printing is ridiculously good ...

Till Kamppeter, leader of the OpenPrinting project, will give an overview of his work.

Going through OpenPrinting's history the components of the printing infrastructure of modern Linux (and other Posix-style) operating systems will get shown.

  • How did the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) with the printing system CUPS being an implementation of it simplify printing a lot?
  • The printer driver challenge, good and bad cooperation with manufacturers, packaging and distributing ...
  • Desktop integration, GUI toolkits, print dialogs, setup tools, portals, ...

Especially also the New Architecture of all-IPP printing and scanning and also the integration in immutable OS distributions will be treated ...

And we will also give a short update on Microsoft's reaction to all the development, the introduction of their new Windows Protected Print architecture, going all IPP and dropping support for classic printer drivers as we do with CUPS 3.x, to make printing more secure and easier to use ... So IPP Everywhere (driverless IPP printing) is actually everywhere now ...

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