Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Document collaboration made simpler: Revealing the concept of rooms in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

When teams need to collaborate on documents on a regular basis, chaos can quickly break out: the necessary editing rights are missing, or important files cannot be found. This scenario can cause problems, especially when it comes to sensitive docs.

Moving all the activities related to handling paperwork to the digital rooms of open-source ONLYOFFICE DocSpace can eliminate such difficulties. In our session, we will:

  • present ONLYOFFICE DocSpace which we launched in 2023;
  • describe its tech stack;
  • explain how rooms work and what are the benefits of such collaboration mechanism;
  • present new tools for working with different types of office files such as digital forms and PDF;
  • show available integration options, including plugins, connectors, open API for developers;
  • tell you what security features ensure data protection in DocSpace;
  • share our plans on further enhancements for DocSpace.


Alex Mikheev