Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


[StructuredEmail] When is my flight? - Semantic data extraction in KMail and Nextcloud Mail

Finding your travel details in booking emails can be difficult sometimes, especially when those are ad-infested HTML monstrosities. It would be much more convenient if your email client could just extract and display the relevant information automatically, and offer higher-level actions for those, such as adding entries to your calendar or feeding data into dedicated apps.

In theory this use-case is covered by semantic annotations using the ontology that can be embedded in HTML content and thus also in emails. In theory.

For KDE's travel assistant app Itinerary we have built a semantic data extractor specialized on travel documents and which is embedded in KMail and Nextcloud Mail. In this talk we'll look at how that works and how well the above mentioned theory fares in practice.


Photo of Volker Krause Volker Krause