Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Neo6502 in the Matrix - open source hardware and software modern retro computer with software defined architecture

Neo6502 is computer with real W65c02 connected to RP2040 co processor which takes care for everything else: emulates the memory, interfaces the USB keyboard, interfaces to DVI/HDMI monitors, play sounds and music, drive spirits and graphics, interfaces external USB flash drive and have I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO. So Neo6502 litterally lives in the Matrix and thinks it have real peripherals attached, while this is all emulation. What makes Neo6502 modern is the possibility to use modern displays and TVs, Normal USB keyboards and Flash drives. On top of this it has access to modern interfaces like I2C and SPI which allow it to interface modern sensors, displays and other devices unleashing the Arduino like applications.

With such flexibility was just matter of time to recreate all retro computers based on 6502 like Apple ][+, Apple IIe, Oric Atmos which are already done. Commodore64 and BBC Micro are in the TODO list. What makes more fun is that you dont have to just copy what was done, but you can make your own unique arhchitecture as well, with the flexibility Neo6502 presents you can make your own dream 6502 computer. The Neo6502 repository: The Neo6502 Apple][+ Apple][e OricAtmos repository: The Neo6502 original firmware from Paul Robson The Neo6502 BBC/EHBasic firmware from Rien Matthijsse The Neo6502 environment by Oliver Schmidt


Photo of Tsvetan Usunov Tsvetan Usunov