Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Cologne Chip GateMate FPGA -- filling a gap between hardware and software (with a presentation of the GMM-7550 module)

A unique feature of the GateMate FPGA architecture is its provision for [partial] self-reconfiguration, i.e. the possibility to change the running configuration of the chip from inside, without affecting the operation of the other parts of the chip.

Presentation of GMM-7550 -- the open hardware module, based on the CologneChip GateMate FPGA.

The hardware part of the project consists of: * the FPGA module * a small adapter board to host the module on Raspberry-Pi 40-pin GPIO header * an RP2040 USB adapter board * a memory extension module (SRAM and SPI)

All the hardware was designed with KiCAD and released under CERN-OHL-P license.

The project also provides control software and design examples. GateMate FPGA designs are synthesized using the Yosys framework, optionally with the GHDL plugin. Control software and design examples are released under MIT license.


Photo of Anton Kuzmin Anton Kuzmin