Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


FOSS CAD/EDA tools supporting the open access PDK initiative

The semiconductor industry has been evolving and innovating for the past 75 years, ever since the first semiconductor transistor was invented. This rapid growth is driven by the direct and proactive contribution of the FOSS CAD/EDA to the entire technology flow: from state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies, device level compact/SPICE modeling, its Verilog-A standardization to advanced IC designs for various HiTech applications. However, the semiconductor industry also faces many challenges in maintaining the growth of its workforce with skilled technicians and engineers. To address the increasing need for well-trained workers worldwide, we need to find innovative ways to attract skilled talent and strengthen the local semiconductor workforce ecosystem. The FOSS CAD/EDA tools with the recently available open access PDKs provide a new platform to connect IC design beginners, enthusiasts and experienced mentors to benefit from the collaboration opportunities enabled by the fast-growing open-source IC design movement. FOSS IC design collaboration is increasingly possible due to the rapid growth of open access PDKs recently offered by SkyWater, GF and IHP. This paper demonstrates the FOSS CAD/EDA contribution to the SPICE/Verilog-A modeling/standardization, compete IC design flow (Xschem, Qucs-S, ngspice, Xyce, OpenVAF, OpenEMS, Magic, kLayout, OpenRoad) as well as selected open source analog/RF and digital IC design examples.


Photo of Wladek Grabinski Wladek Grabinski