Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Securely collaborate with CryptPad

CryptPad is a full-fledged collaborative office suite that supports End-to-End-Encryption to ensure the privacy of its users. It manages to conciliate both by using the server only for the synchronisation of encrypted communications between collaborating editors of a document. CryptPad aims at providing an user-friendly interface, hiding the technicalities from end users, letting them focus on the document content instead.

However, the nowaday use of cryptography in CryptPad sometimes clashes with simplicity of use. Fortunately, the NLnet foundation helped us prepare the future by sponsoring the Blueprints project. This project allowed us to pinpoint different ways of improvement, some of which will be presented during this talk.


Photo of Fabrice Mouhartem Fabrice Mouhartem