Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Hactorscript in ART: Bug-free Software on Unhackable Hardware

As the Internet-of-Things moves into space the need for absolute security becomes paramount. Using inexpensive encrypted secure boot RISC-V devices and software minimalism we build first in the home for fun and then commercialize for space and ground based applications. Bug-free modules of actor components compete for efficiency in a distributed matrix of algorithms.

We present an overview of the multi-core memory safe language called Hactorscript and its widely ported Actor RunTime (ART) above minimal POSIX. With no threads, stacks, locks, or loops, the cores directly compete for work on lockless (“MPMC”) queues. These queues can be fed at “interrupt” levels.

Finite-state-machines are nearly direct Actor specifications (as is TLA) and form the first set of composable bug-free modules.


Blaine Garst