Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Using GStreamer to build real-time applications with Golang

Everyone knows how to build up a GStreamer pipeline on the CLI - give gst-launch-1.0 a source and a sink and some steps in between and you've got yourself a pipeline doing something. But building an application with GStreamer is much more complex when it comes to building using bindings to the C level api for GStreamer.

Avi started building the Golang bindings back in 2020 but they'd started to become a little unloved with Pull Requests and issues becoming stale. Now the bindings have moved to their own github organisation and are getting some all important bug fixes and a new semver release of 1.0 coming soon.

Building a solution doesn't always fit into what's available with GStreamer's plugins - enter appsrc and appsink, your best friends in building custom solutions with GStreamer. In this session you'll hear about using appsrc and appsink to build custom real time applications, as well as the updates coming to GStreamer's Golang binding.


Dan Jenkins