Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Jos van den Oever

Photo of Jos van den Oever

Jos joined NLnet early 2019 after having helped to start up NGI0 as a volunteer.

He has used and contributed to Free Software since he was at university. He first got the opportunity to work on FOSS fulltime at KO GmbH where he worked on a mobile office suite and a javascript-based editor for ODF documents called WebODF.

He worked on the ODF standard for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior from 2016-2018 and helped to organize ODF Plugfests to test interoperability.

In 2018, he pressed the Dutch Parliament to publish the source code of their Debat Direct app and sued it until the Council of State. (broncode)

At NLnet, Jos has reviewed and supported NGI0 projects. He designed and wrote the administration system that enables the NLnet team to handle the hundreds of proposals and projects. Since 2023, Max Crone joined the team to work on that.

NLnet prefers to run their systems on FOSS. Jos and Ronny are currently the admin team that keeps our servers running. This involves NextCloud, Nginx, GitLab, Prosody, Dovecot, Prometheus and, very important, backups with Borg.

We publish part of our own code on CodeBerg. There is a strong preference for Rust.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Running NLnet on NixOS
Sunday H.1302 (Depage) Nix and NixOS devroom 11:30 11:55