Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Arnt Gulbrandsen

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Longtime linux/unix nerd and IETF email/DNS person.

I've been a linux user since august 1992, which was a hard time, we didn't have a proper bootloader yet and Linus released kernels faster than I could carry floppies home from university. Also we had to walk uphill through the snow to get to the vt220 and access the internet. A few years later I helped found one of the first opensource companies (and Stallman called for my personal bankruptcy), and I wrote my first RFC around the same time. Thirty years later I now work for ICANN, making email and the DNS work for all the people, not just those who read and write the latin alphabet. Or trying to, anyway.


Title Day Room Track Start End
[Protocols] Unicode in email: RCPT TO:<grå@grå.org>
Sunday H.2213 Modern Email devroom 10:00 10:20