Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Alex Auvolat

Alex is currently a software developper working with Deuxfleurs, a non-profit organization that promotes self-hosting and decentralization of the web with FOSS software. Alex is currently funded by an NLnet grant from the NGI0 Entrust fund to work on Garage, a software storage solution for geo-replicated data clusters. Previously, Alex was a PhD student at the university of Rennes, where he worked on distributed systems.


Title Day Room Track Start End
A microkernel-based orchestrator for distributed Internet services?
Saturday UD2.208 (Decroly) Microkernel and Component-based OS devroom 15:00 15:20
Advances in Garage, the low-tech storage platform for geo-distributed clusters
Saturday K.3.201 Software Defined Storage devroom 17:30 18:10