Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Hans-Jörg Happel

Photo of Hans-Jörg Happel

Hans-Jörg is the co-founder and CTO of audriga, a pioneer in data portability which helps people to migrate their emails, contacts, calendars and files when switching providers. He is a proponent of open knowledge and open standards, contributing to the standardization of JMAP and Structured Email at the IETF.


Title Day Room Track Start End
[JMAP] OpenXPort JMAP: a PHP library for Data Portability
Sunday H.2213 Modern Email devroom 10:45 10:55
[Operations] A user provisioning API for PostfixAdmin and Nextcloud using the scim-server-php library
Sunday H.2213 Modern Email devroom 12:55 13:05
[StructuredEmail] Structured Vacation Notices and Structured Email for Roundcube
Sunday H.2213 Modern Email devroom 16:10 16:25